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Mitchell Lewis

Digital Designer

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I am Mitchell Lewis, a Digital Designer from Melbourne, Australia, experienced in the creation of interactive experiences, digital media, and bespoke graphics for clients of all sizes.

My creative practice includes a wide range of mediums in digital design, where my strengths lie in my flexibility to perform most tasks expected of me. I have created works for high profile clients through short collaborations and followed industry design standards to create work in professional environments.

I have a love for technology and anything digital, which has allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the work that I am developing. My plans of expanding my repertoire have begun to move towards motion graphics and other methods that are able to allow my projects to convey meaning and stories.

Finishing my studies in mid-2022 with a Bachelor of Digital Media (Design) and with now over 5+ years of experience in professional digital mediums and software, the groundwork for my future in design has been set, and I am ready to continue to expand my horizons and further hone my skills.


Please feel free to connect with me on Instagram, as I plan to share more of my future works and processes, and if you have any questions, I will be available through direct message on Instagram or through my business email below.

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